Fresh Cut Arrangements

FFW 1-1​            $25.00

A fresh flower basket arranged with carnations, alstromeria, daisies and greens.  Perfect for sitting on a desk or table. 

FFW 2-1                  $60.00


12 Roses beautifully arranged with greenery, baby's breath and a bow.  Price varies on and around Valentine's Day and Mother's Day.

FFW 1-2                $40.00


A fresh flower basket arranged with carnations, alstromeria, gerbera daisy, daisies and greenery.  A larger version of FFW 1-1.

FFW 3-5           $20.00


Sure to make someone's day.  This cheerful mug is arranged with various colored daisies and greenery.  

Daisy Vase - $35.00


A vase of mixed color daisies.  A simple yet delightful mix of a very popular flower.

Mixed Vases  $30.00 - $100.00


If you can't decide on a certain flower, then send a vase of mixed flowers that is sure to please.  Vase pictured is $100.00.

Spring is Buzzing - $35.00

A tin container with bees all the way around the container with a mix of alstromeria, spray roses, mini carnations, daisies & statice.  Comes in various pastel colors.  

Watering Can - FFW 3-6 $25.00

A watering can with a mix of colorful daisies and filler.  Perfect for the spring & summer season.  Watering Can comes in various colors.    

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